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The Richmond Cowboys Hockey Club was established in 1979 as a group of rag-tag hockey players with an unknown destiny. After more than 4 decades a lot has changed and a lot has stayed the same.

Currently there are two teams active. As the years advance it is becoming difficult to distinguish between the teams by way of name. At first we were simply the Richmond Cowboys. Many years later, after aging into senior leagues with age restrictions, a second team was formed to provide a place for the younger Cowboys to play. As the second generation, they were called "Cowboy II" and the older team was referred to as the "Original Team". After a while, when the over age 50 team was established and most of the founding player moved onto that team, things got confusing. The Original Team was no longer the original players.

The two teams, playing in two very different leagues, are called the Cowboys, but to avoid confusion the old team is commonly referred to as the "Old Boys", while the younger are the "Young Cowboys" or more commonly, just "The Cowboys". Together we are officially The Richmond Cowboy Hockey Club.

The Cowboys Hockey Club extends beyond the arena and into the community including not just players, but alumni, friends, family and anybody that comes to know us.